How to replace your Boat Trailer Bunks

Step-by-Step easy to follow instruction from These written instruction also includes a tool and supply check list that can be printed for onsite reference.


Learn Step-by-Step Bunk Carpet or Bunk Board replacements from the Experts.

If your trailer bunks are worn or broken, it can make loading and unloading your boat difficult; they can also damage the under side of the boat and make transporting your boat unsafe.

Replacing or resurfacing your bunks is a fairly simple process. But just to help insure things go as smooth as possible, We’ve assembled a library of information for you to learn the best ways to install new carpet on your bunks or new bunk boards on your trailer.

These step-by-step instructions along with a video library of do-it-yourselfers offering tips and tricks to make your project look like it was done by a professional.*

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Video Library


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